Memorial Point Utility District


Frequently Asked Questions



What happens when you have a water leak and your bill is extremely high?  

Contact the billing Office.  If the water leaked was not discharged into the toilet or drain a credit can be given for
Charges and conservation surcharges.



What does the BOIL WATER signs posted mean?  

Anytime the district’s water supply is reduced Below 20 psi or water pressure the signs are posted.   This is a safety posting for drinking water. The water is tested once the pressure is restored.   Usually this occurs during water main leak repairs.  Once the testing samples are proven to be safe the notice is removed.  During the time the signs are up please be sure to boil all drinking water or water for ice.   Destroy all ice made while the signs are posted unless a purified source of water was used.  Please remember to not allow pets to drink the water while the district waits for the all clear.



Why did the District install generators? 

During Hurricanes Rita and Ike the lack of power did not allow the district to process water or sewer.  The installation of generators will allow the district to maintain safe water distribution while being able to process the water that is flushed or drained.



Why can I not have my own water well for services and irrigation?  

The statute that regulates Water for areas within our district boundaries will not allow foreign water sources to be used. 
This will keep the integrity of our system and from infiltration because of improper connections.



Why do I have low water pressure sometimes? 

During times of water leak repairs it is necessary to clamp the source to stop the leak.   In order to do this the line pressure is reduced to minimizethe pressure at the source to tighten the clamp.   Usually this is a very short period.   There are cases where the pressure must be reduced to allow a safe environment for the workers to access the area that is being repaired.



Why do we have to pay MUD taxes if the bonds are paid off? 

The District’s right to tax is for bond reduction and for a Maintenance and Operation tax.   Currently the M&O tax is all that is being collected.   The District Budget collects $300,000. From water/sewer connections and $300,000. in M&O taxes.   If the district only collected for water/sewer the residents on the system would pay in excess of $140. a month in service fees while the vacant lots would pay nothing.   The taxes are set to allow all property in the district to contribute to the standby and operational costs of the District for their right to capacity guarantees in order to be able to join the system at some future date.  Your board has chose to split the budget with M&O taxes since those taxes are IRS deductible and water bills are not.



How can the district lower taxes and water rates?

That is very possible.  Current water and sewer rates can be maintained and the M&O tax reduced to $.00 when the district’s development is at a level to allow this to happen.   The more water meters installed the more income received from service fees and the less need for any taxes.  Water rates can be reduced the same way.