About MPUD Utility District

A Memorial Point Utility District (Water District) is a political subdivision endowed with functions, powers, authority, rights, and duties that will permit it to accomplish the purpose for which it was created.   The Legislature recorded the statutory provisions governing most types of districts into Chapter 49, Texas Water Code.   A district's purpose statutory may include water supply, waist water treatment, storm water control, irrigation,  navigation,  fire fighting, solid waist management, public saftey patrols, roads and development of parks and recreational facilaties.  The elected five member board of directors manages and conrtrols these districts affairs, including financial management, employment, and purchasing.  The board establishes policies in the interest of districts residents and customers to aid in this process.   Thes board responsibilities are in the hands of these elected directors and cannot be delegated to employees, contractors and consultants.  

Memorial Point Municiple District is located on the west side of Polk County along Lake Livingston.  The district was established May 26, 1971, State of Texas , 62 Legislature, Operates under Chapter 54, Texas Water Code.  The area within the district is 315.995 acres.   The fiscal year of operation is from October 1 thru September 30.   M.P.U.D. is located within the Livingston ISD and Polk County.    The district receives funding from ad valorum taxing abd from water service fees.